If ever there were a legendary restaurant in Charleston, it would be Robert’s. Situated in a quaint and cozy dining room in the heart of downtown Charleston, owner and chef Robert Dickson once delighted diners and guests with both his heartfelt cooking and theatrical singing. The iconic downtown restaurant was a beloved destination that saw many a milestone. Robert’s closed several years ago when Dickson retired, and his daughter, MariElena, took the space over with her husband, Joe, to open what is now The Gin Joint – one of Charleston’s most vibrant and flavorful cocktail bars.

For one night only, we’re bringing Robert’s back, celebrating the original concept, while very much keeping the Gin Joint’s second generation charm that so many have come to love. It’ll be a family affair, with MariElena and Joe running kitchen and bar, and Robert holding court in the dining room serenading guests. Winemaker Robert Foley will join in to present a lineup of stellar pours to complement the abundant menu.