Alejandro wants to live in a world where coffee shops sell only Champagne, pipe-smoking is still a thing, and where clever but seldom-delicious molecular gastronomy (et. al.) has vanished from the planet.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (the other CIA), Alejandro has been creature of the Wine and hospitality industry for the last 15 years as a pastry chef, chef, sommelier, consultant, teacher, restaurateur, and most recently brand manager for Chateau Pesquié and Vignobles Michel Gassier. Both small-family wineries, imported by Eric Solomon, that make handcrafted and biodynamically-raised wines of distinction in France’s Rhône region.

When he’s not crisscrossing the country preaching the gospel of Chateau Pesquié (AOX Ventôux) and Vignobles Michel Gassier (AOC Nîmes) he can be found close to a source of Bourbon, working out the mysteries of the known universe, and, at home in Atlanta, figuring out how to get his dogs to walk themselves.