Annie and I began farming in 1986. Early on a small hog enterprise was started with hogs being raised on pasture and sold to a local Smithfield buying station and through local stockyards. In 1994 the hog market collapsed causing us to shut down the hog enterprise.  In late 2004, Annie left her corporate job and start farming full time. The farm concentrated on raising broiler chickens, a few turkeys for the Holidays, and a flock of 500 laying hens.  Late 2005, at the urging of chef Craig Deihl, we started raising heritage Tamworth hogs on pasture. Marc left his corporate job in October 2014 and began full time farming.  Today we farm 130 acres and raise chickens, turkeys, hogs, and cows on pasture. Our markets include restaurants throughout the Lowcountry, farmers markets, a market on the farm, and a meat CSA.