Dr. David S. Shields is the Carolina Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Carolina.  As Chairman of the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation he has been instrumental in the recovery and restoration of many key ingredients to southern cooking—Carolina Gold Rice, Benne, Purple Ribbon Sugarcane, Purple Straw Wheat, Seashore Black Rye, Sea Island White Flint Corn, the Rice Pea, the Dyehouse Cherry, the Carolina African Runner Peanut.    Shields chairs Slow Food’s Ark of Taste biodiversity committee for the South. A historian of agriculture and food preparation, his most recent monograph is Southern Provisions, on the Creation and Revival of a Cuisine (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2015).  2016 will see publication of Culinarians: American Chefs, Caterers, and Restaurateurs 1794-1919, a collection of 200 biographies of culinary professionals.  One of the chefs treated in this collection is Charleston’s Nat Fuller.  In 2015 Shields was one of co-organizers of Nat Fuller’s Feast, the 150th anniversary celebration of the chef’s reconciliation dinner held at the end of the Civil War.