Ryme Cellars is the collaboration of husband and wife winemaking team, Ryan and Megan Glaab. The name comes from a combination of the first two letters in both of their names. Ryan and Megan met in Australia while working as seasonal harvest hands at Torbreck winery. They quickly fell in love and got married. Between the two of them, they have worked at wineries such as Pax Wine Cellars, Wind Gap, Peay Vineyards, Sine Qua Non and Marcassin. The couple started Ryme Cellars in 2007 with a small amount of Aglianico. Inspired by the intensity and complexity of the wine, they began seeking out varieties that intrigued them and which they believed had a place within the conversation of California wines. The Ryme Cellars portfolio includes two versions of Vermentino, Fiano, Ribolla Gialla, Cabernet Franc, Aglianico and Pinot noir. Ryan and Megan’s approach to winemaking is hands-off and minimalistic. They seek to embrace the true nature of each wine and its respective terroir. The wines of Ryme Cellars evolve at their own pace, without new oak or enological adjuncts. The project is a continuous exploration of California’s winegrowing possibilities.