Rhett Elliott hails from Camden, South Carolina, and has cooked professionally for 20 years. Rhett’s father Gary, a pit master famous around Camden for catering whole-hog barbecues, introduced him to cooking at age 14 in 1988. That’s when Rhett got to serve Prince’s Revolution, who stopped in Camden for barbecue the night before their Charlotte gig on the LoveSexy tour. That barbecue earned Rhett free tickets to the show, and he’s been cooking sexy ever since — with training at the Western Culinary Institute of Portland and tours as sous chef at The Jefferson Hotel’s Lemaire in Richmond and as chef de cuisine for Ken Vedrinski’s triad of topnotch Italian eateries here in Charleston, among others. In December 2015, Rhett opened The War Mouth in Columbia with his childhood buddy Porter Barron, Jr., where they serve pit-cooked whole-hog barbecue and good times, among other regional delicacies that fire the memory of a youth spent outdoors.