At 39 years old, Rodney Scott has spent most of his life working in Scott’s Bar-B-Que, the business that his father built in Hemingway, South Carolina.  Rodney cooked his first pig at 11 years old and was scared when he was instructed to just go on what he had observed and on instinct.  Well, it worked and he’s been cooking whole hogs over wood charcoal, to national acclaim ever since.  Not even realizing that a “locally sourced” movement was taking place in restaurants across America, the Scott’s have been sourcing local pigs from the beginning.  They also chop their own wood from fallen trees, and recycle oil drums and old truck axles to make their charcoal barrels.  Rodney Scott has been featured in the New York Times, cooked at New York’s Big Apple BBQ Block Party and the Charleston Food and Wine Festival.  The Southern Foodways Alliance produced a film about Scott’s Bar-B- Que.